Our history

During this period of reflection  gypsy women of all ages gathered around the constitution of the association. Even though there were not many of us, the strength and youth of some of us and the serenity of our elders, our Aunts, caught people attention.

This way, diverse women of all ages constituted SIM ROMI on a significant day for all of us: the 16th of November, day of the Rroma community in Euskadi. We constituted as a non-profit Social Organization whose major aim was, and still is, to defense our Roma identities, fight for equality between women and men while using a dialogical feminism and a human rights perspective.   

Both the association and its aims came together because of the need all of us felt to have and, offer a secure space where all Roma women could talk and bond while promoting their empowerment and claiming our identities, both as women and as gypsies. Even if there were at the time other gipsy associations working towards these or similar aims, our associative and dialogical perspective is what made us unique.